New shirt.woot random shirts!

New shirt.woot random shirts!, originally uploaded by nicoletbn.

You all know about shirt.woot, right? One day, one shirt, one future?

Well, occasionally they have random shirt days, where shirts are cheap and unknown. I was in for three, and curious to see what would show. The results came in just a few days ago! This is now the second time I’ve tried this game, and I’m thrilled with what I received.

Shirt the first is a dark grey with a bomb of some sort making impact with ground in a caution triangle.

Shirt the second is binder paper and scribbley cute things, with the words ‘draw more’

The third shirt is entirely covered in weird creatures. One has a knife! One’s a jellyfish! One says BRB! Fun for hours. Seriously!

Anyway, sharing is caring, so I’ve taken some pictures and put them up on flickr. Enjoy~