the evening after


In case you didn’t make it to my gallery opening tonight, please take a moment to view the pieces on flickr.

Now that I’ve had a moment or two to calm down after my first ‘solo’ gallery show, I rather more directly now understand how mythical the myth of the solo artist really is.

So… Thanks. Thanks to BNE for inspiring me about how beautiful and wonderous a sticker artist can be. My logo wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for your stickerbombing of San Francisco, Tokyo, and pretty much everywhere I’ve ever been. Thanks to Matt Shlian for your beautiful plotter-cut pieces. I owe you an immense debt, and the creative space your work has opened up to me is vast and beautiful. I hope when you see my work, you don’t find it too derivative. I really tried to leave out the ones that strayed too close to your genius. Thanks to Peter Youngmeister, for telling me that it was okay to try to re-make one of Shilan’s works, that it’s fairly standard for people to learn through mimicking works they find to be wonderful. Thanks to Jonathan Stray, and Rachel Binx, for really lavishing on the praise for my early pieces. It likely meant the difference between me making one or two and calling it a fun experiment versus me taking it this far. Thanks to Ian Baker, who’s been there for every ridiculous consultation that I’ve ever asked. Sometimes, I just need to ask you the question, even if I know the answer. Thanks to Nadya Lev, for being so incredibly supportive, and truly affirming me as an artist among the community of ‘real’ artists that I find so inspiring. It pushes me to make works that I hope can pass as mature and true pieces of art. Thanks to Mike Estee, whose opinions I value so highly, and am so thrilled to be able to occasionally impress. It doesn’t hurt that he brought another laser into my life, either. ;) Thanks to Audrey Penven, for being the best damn photographer that I’ve ever known, who has been so consistently generous and giving and all-around wonderful. Your photos of my pieces are all I’ll have after this exhibit ends, and they are everything I could ever want. Thanks to Aaron Muszalski, for the guidance on how to structure and focus my future pieces. It truly led me down the paths I needed to follow. Thanks to Valerie Leavy for believing in me, for being so accomodating to my ideas, and for giving me the chance to finally display this work publicly. I’m so glad you curated my first show, I couldn’t possibly have worked with anyone else. Thanks to Lee Dotson, you always were available to lend a hand or an eye. I’m glad that I started making pieces that you were into towards the end there. Thanks to Becky, Ashi, Amanda, Trista. Thanks to everyone who sat with me by the laser, hung out with me in the textile lab, tolerated me in the room with the open laptop working on cad. Thanks Doc, and Mella, and Kasey, and Ari, and Laura and everyone cheering me on. I’m going to feel like a jerk for not naming everyone, but it’s essentially everyone I know. I’m tremendously privileged for being able to make this work, and I owe you all a great debt. I hope you enjoyed the work, and that I can start to pay good on my debts with further inspiration and support.

Thanks to the people and systems of Interpretive Arson, Ardent Heavy Industries, and Syzygryd, for finally convincing me that being crap at drawing didn’t mean that I couldn’t be an artist. I’d be nothing at all without you.

I am so humbled by this response. I’m still processing everything I’ve learned from putting together this show, but you, you rollicking joyful crazy love-stuffed world place, you’ve really made me happy. I’ll see you in the future.