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So, there was some sort of drama/layoff thing over at LiveJournal, and it got me thinking about backing up my journal. I guess I’ve had it since 2002, and though I haven’t posted a lot, the bits I posted, I’d like to keep. Once I got the backup done, I started thinking… what if I had my own blog? Would I be encouraged to post more, or less? And how hard would it be to just drop my livejournal in wholesale?

Turns out, not hard at all. And theoretically, this will even post right back into my livejournal! Woo.

So what do I hope to accomplish, now that I’ve got a real blog thing? I’d like to post clips and bits of art that I’m working on, and it seems like a wordpress blog might be the right place for it. I hope to feel more encouraged to get screengrabs of quartz compositions, take strange photos of interesting places, and craft small mixes of my favorite tracks. And I hope to post them all here.

If you look at the blog itself, prepare to be underwhelmed! I have no clue how to make a wordpress theme, or what basic pages to make, or any of that. Figuring it out as I go. Don’t do this very much. So, if you have any tips, please comment!

I’m gonna end this ramble here, with some german guys covering Michael Jackson’s Stranger in Moscow.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

5 thoughts on “Starting some kind of wordpress blog

  1. Yay wordpress! Best way to go about it is to pck a theme you mostly like and then start tweaking it. Small changes like replacing images are easy. For attempting CSS changes like changing colors and layout I suggest playing around with the Firefox extension Firebug. Also on the Mac the program CSSEdit is good and on the PC Stylizer is awesome for playing with the CSS of sites.

  2. Yay wordpress!
    Glad to see you on this side of the blogosphere, Nicole!
    Coincidentally, I designed the nubbytwiglet blog that Mahra linked. Small World!


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