About to fall down on me

About to fall down on me, originally uploaded by nicoletbn.

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to get involved in pyrotechnics. I’d occasionally ask around and see if anybody knew anyone involved, but this summer I made it a point to find a way in. I met Jeremy at a party, professional, licensed pyrotechnician involved in the fire art scene. Said he’d give me a call when they needed some help. Finally I get a call in September, but it’s for while I’m in Japan! Drat. He mentions that they may need some help for New Years Eve. I keep following up, and find myself on a barge, tuesday morning, building racks, loading shells, wiring up modules. Wednesday I’m back doing more of the same, getting to know the various operators involved, explaining my work with propane. Wednesday night a tug takes our barge out into the bay, underneath the bay bridge, and out in front of pier 14, and I’m directly underneath one of the biggest fireworks shows I think I have ever seen!

I figured I’d bring a camera, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the task of shooting photos while simultaneously avoiding the smoke, falling bits of fire, and other related shrapnel. I managed to get one or two shots worth seeing, but luckily I’ll have a chance to try my hand at it again… I got called back on the first with thanks for working so hard, and that I’ll be called to work on another show soon!

Hopefully I figure out a way to do this regularly, as it’s completely fun. A good start to my 2009, don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “About to fall down on me

  1. that, is an amazing picture!!!

    aww man….I wish I’d known you were interested, I know a few people who dabble with the licensed pyro (possibly the same ones you eventually hooked up with?) and I would have hooked you up fo’ sure.

    good luck!!!!!


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