Yuki with painting

Yuki with painting, originally uploaded by nicoletbn.

I was mostly shooting for HDRs while I was in Japan. Some of them worked out. The ones I posted a while ago, for example. However, this last batch were ones that I initially rejected since they failed as HDR composites, but taken individually and fucking with the color, I find myself liking them even more. In this one I took the most over exposed out of the three I shot, blew it out even a bit more, and reduced the saturation for each color Yuki had on her till she was greyscale, which left this nice bit of sparkly wall to her side. Yay!

Toys, Glitter

Toys, Glitter, originally uploaded by nicoletbn.

While visiting japan, I ended up at the Yokohama Triennale with Mella and Yuki. I found it to be somewhat all over the place as far as my impressions of the various pieces, but I suppose that’s to be expected. I loved this room though. The walls were covered with glittery paintings, and it extended down to the floor, where these toys were. Really adorable.

Mella at the National Art Center

Generally in Japan I was shooting for HDR’s. While a few of them came out okay, most of them did not. This was initially disappointing, however, last night I decided to just start fucking with the colors of the individual shots in Aperture, and managed to get a few to turn out how I wanted!

I’m pretty happy with this one, especially large.