0 thoughts on “Jewella PuriKura 1

  1. I like what you’ve done with your hair.

    Fountain story: there’s not much to tell. I jumped onto a bench in front of a large sculpture, overshot and lost my balance, and stepped into a knee-deep fountain which surrounded the sculpture. I was very embarassed.

  2. Thanks! I do too. Though I was hoping to find someone in Harajuku make it fully-crazy, but I never had the time.

    So when you did that, did anyone pay it any mind? It seemed like people were ignoring that I just fell into a fountain as hard as they could. I was laughing at myself about it, but I guess everyone else was too embarrassed to?

  3. The man who I inadvertently splashed definitely noticed–he was visibly angry–but my quicky rendered and abject apologies in Japanese and a very deep and prolonged bow seemed to take care of the matter as far as he was concerned. Everyone else seemed to pay no mind.

    I’m still quite embarassed about it to this day.

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