Big news.

So I’ve been living at the cakebread castle.
It’s been just about the best arrangement I could possibly think of.

Living with Ian, Audrey, Qarly, Heather, it’s been wonderful. I loved making cinnamon rolls, going rollerblading, walking through the cemetary, naming pinatas, baking vegan everything, gardening, sword-gardening, watching movies, dying flags, meeting chicago-ans, and on and on. I am so glad that the house I helped start feels like a success, and that it so frequently contains so many friends. It feels really welcoming.

Unfortunately, there’s one thing that’s been missing from the house, and that’s Mella. She’s over all the time, but it definately feels like she’s staying over at *my* house, and when I’m at her place in the mission, that I’m at *her* house. We have these ideas, these projects, these things, that all seem just a little fractured with a bridge between them.

Well, we’re fixing that now. The past couple months, we’ve been talking about living together. The past week, we started looking at lofts. We looked at three beautiful, but somewhat impractical and very spendy places at the cotton mill studios, a large open space that felt a bit overly run down for us, and then last night, we found the most beautiful space on kennedy in oakland. We talked with the girl showing the place for 40 minutes, then came back an hour later after filling out the application. While we measured the floor so I could model it in 3d, her boyfriend ran our credit, and when I returned it to him, they told us we got it!

So excited. So nervous.

I’m scared that things may change, and that I may be giving up a tragically great deal on a space, and what if it’s too soon? what about my roommates? what if I’m not ready? what if I can’t afford it? what if my job changes? what if it stays the same? and a whole load of other things, but then, I’m a worrier, I’m good at it. I’m completely thrilled to be living with mella, I’m excited about the prints we’ll make, the clothes we’ll sew, the food we’ll cook, etc, etc.

So yeah.

I’m sure I’ll write more later. I’ll post the render once I get around to making it.

In any case, anyone looking to move? I know this great spot in the piedmont/temescal area of oakland looking for an awesome/rad sort of housemate…

Lost wallet ;_;

I lost my wallet this weekend.
Sad. I really liked it, it was made of old bike inner tubes, by usedrubber.
Luckily, I had my id and debit card with me when I lost it, so I didn’t lose any of the terribly crucial stuff.

I’ll need to replace my collection of random business cards, and my museum membership cards.

Any wallet suggestions, or any cards you think I should keep in my new wallet? Perhaps you have a moo card I ought to carry?