Feasability Study 01

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It would appear that I’m working on another burning man project. Last night I drilled the first four holes of the first test to see how glass reacts to being on fire. The test went amazingly well, I was not attacked by red hot sharp shrapnel bits in the least!

I knew it’d look pretty, but oh man, it’s like a whole new thing! It’s so gorgeous.

Borosilicate for the win!

(More pictures follow on raindrift’s flickr~)


generally, I don’t mail anything to singapore.

this week, I’ve mailed two things to singapore!

I need to fix my passport! anyone got a spare 5-600 bucks?


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This weekend, me and Ian stumbled upon these parrots by embarcadero! Someone gave me some seeds, and soon I was covered in birds! Look how excited I am!