giant bendy glass panel

giant bendy glass panel
giant bendy glass panel,
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On monday, after I finished up for the day, I took some quick pictures of the studio. Just posted them to flickr! They’re not particularly amazing, but I think they give a sense to how rad the place is.

Here’s one of the giant glass panels. The thing I’m making will be directly involved to make more of these!


Holy crap.

So next week, I go from a pretty cushy (if bland, and horribly far) job in IT, to a job where I’m making things for a glass studio.

Holy crap.

I spent the day at the studio on monday, they had me design a system to move a series of swivels to different points on the face of a giant custom kiln they have. They run cables through the glass in the kiln, and then weight it at various points. So I designed this rail system, and then they bought the metal and I started to weld it together. It seems like it’s gonna work really well, but there was far too much work to do in a day, so I left instructions on how to finish it in case I didn’t end up working there.

Well, I’m gonna go in and finish it. And when it’s done, they’re gonna have me make something else. And so on. It sounds completely awesome and fun, cause I’ll be making *things* all the time. And I get to design them, and make them how I want, and on and on and on. I’m so excited. I’m gonna learn so much!

But jesus christ is this ever scary. I’m taking a significant pay cut to work there, and I won’t have health insurance through work for the first while. (anyone have any good tips on private insurance?)

I feel like this is the right thing to do, but I mean, I’ve been fooling with tech my whole life. I’ve been fooling with building things for a year and a few months.

I’m so scared. I’m really excited.

p.s. It’s in San Francisco!

New Hair

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So I just went and took some pictures of my hair.

So pretty.

There’s a shot in my flickr from the first dye, which seemed like it’d come out quick, so I went over it again with a different brand, and it seems like it’s in for good. I washed my hair at minimum 5 times this past tuesday, and it’s still incredible-bright.


Hi everyone! I am asking for things!

One: Have any of you guys got pictures of me? Recent-style ones? Like since my hair started changing? I’d love to see. I’m especially interested in any on-playa photos, but I feel like very few, if any, happened.

Two: Do you know someone who really rocks it at electronics, like maybe the sensors and robots and lighting kind? I’d love to talk with them.

Three: If any of y’all work at rad companies, or even just work at a company and you yourself are rad, I’m looking for a change of desk-ery. My main issues here are that I don’t connect with any of the coworkers that I interact with in any way. Not a one. There’s one person in the entire company that I feel comfortable even talking to, and he works from home. I can do IT, I can do QA, I can run some tech support, or I can do the supporting myself. I can tape up plumbing fittings, I can hassle suppliers indefinately over the phone, I can solder indefinately, I don’t honestly care what it is, as long as when I’m not doing it, I can chat with someone nearby.

Four: I would like as many of my friends as possible to leave open the 16th of september for a day trip to a museum. Details shortly.

ask me about my recent trainwreck!

That Burning Thing 2006

By the numbers: (Which may be somewhat innacurate, as I am still sick and head-fuzzy)

Nights: 10.5
Days: 10
Burns watched: 2 (Temple, Uchronia)
Instances of getting tackled to the ground from a fit of rage: 1
Total number of people I snapped at loudly: At least 3
Total number of people I made out with in a single night: 8? 9? Not really sure on that one.
Visits to the Medical Tent: 3
Days on playa spent freaking out over whether electronics would show up: 2
Days on playa spent freaking out over whether said electronics would ever work: 3
Days on playa spent in air-conditioned RV, trying to rid self of fever: 2 (one being yesterday, the way out was a whole day)
Hours spent in exodus line: 8
Nights spent enjoying the drug holiday properly: 2 (I was there ten nights… I obviously don’t know how to play this game)
Nights where I ran 2πr: 2
Nights where 2πr ran without me: 3
Mornings waking up with Mella: 3 (I think…)
Showers taken before making this post: 2
Baths taken before making this post: 1
Doctors seen during burn: 4
Doctors seen post burn: 1
Too Many: 2

In words:

I’m sick, but getting better. I’m bruised, but getting better. I’m cut, but getting better. It’s good to be out of the fucking desert. 2πr somewhat worked. A lot of people came up to me and told me how it was their favorite thing on the playa. We may or may not have breached our contract, I’ll know hopefully later today. I’d like to make it work the way it was designed. I kept saying while I was there that I won’t be back next year. Maybe that’s true. Maybe what I need to do is not be a part of something NEW next year, and not kill myself before I even hit the playa. I’m gonna go take another shower and a sudafed.