So it’s been a nice couple of days, post the whole Fire Arts Festival thing.

Tuesday night I found a nice and semi fancy pasta dinner, cupcake, and chocolates, and brought them all to nimby. Mella (remember that happy post? she’s why!) came by, we split the dinner and cuddled on the couch for a while. Talked about and wrote up the workshop i’m gonna teach at burning man (wednesday, 3pm, camp DDI, we’ll be building a copy of the flame effect used in 2pir! 20 foot flames!) then discussed how to design an aluminum platform. Hopefully tonight or tommorow I can sit down with my 3d software and get a real prototypey thing out, and order the metal. Then Mella and I headed to the albany bulb, where we found a spot to relax by the water, set down a blanket, and I gave her the chocolates. We split the cupcake and talked. Stayed up far too late, but I can’t think of much being more worth-it.

Last night we had planned to get some dinner, but by the time we met up at ten, neither of us were nearly as hungry as we were tired. Fig newtons and juice found their way into her room, and we started to watch Gattaca (I’ve never seen it!) but shortly decided that we were too tired for that as well, and fell asleep instead.

Woke up this morning being held. Really nice. As far as I can tell, I won’t be seeing her next till at earliest sometime the weekend after this one, but yknow, that’s fine. I’m good with distance.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. Baz’s yoyo party thing, time to practice rope dart, maybe some sf0, and hopefully some long hard thought on how to proceed with 2pir.


I just want to say, for the record, that Red Bull cans saved 2πr this weekend.

Thank you everyone who came out for the Fire Arts Festival! I had so much fun, so glad we were able to show *something*!