I just spent my day in the most awesome of way.

So this morning, I set up a bank account for 2piR. Finally. Following that I decided to check out the South San Francisco letters, cause they were disappeared yesterday, but back today. So high up! So windy! So uphill! It’s nice to do hiking on a whim.

Anyhow, I then headed to this yoyomeet in Alameda, cause I’m like that. Rubin & Heather showed up, and we learned some things. I can do a somersault, and I’ve got the idea behind boing-e-boing now. Always nice to hang out with yoyoers! I like talking about fire stuff with them, they get the cutest looks.

Next, Heather took off to be a professional photographer, and I found my way to nimby, where Justin and Evan were building “the mansion” , a totally awesome random old furninture and air intakey blowery device. with wheels. and fire. and a tv. playing yellow submarine. i’m sure i’m forgetting things. Anyway it was amazing, and there was a crowd, and they were cooking meat and corn and bread and stuff, so I had some of the corn and bread, and let Heather know she oughta show up. She did! Eventually Therm got the mansion going, and it made these beautiful green spinning rings from the burning methane. You had to see it. After that, it basically fell apart. They weren’t satisfied, so they rebuilt it. While they rebuilt it, I spun fire for the first time since oh, january or so! I <3 fire. we also set off some propane through the 2pir effect, just to show off. I <3 fire. Anyway, most everyone not mentioned left, and missed out on the rebuilt version. This fucker went up good. Oh my god it was beautiful. Rubin videotaped it for them, but still. You had to be there. We then spun fire some more, and cleaned up the debris.


So Tonight, I hung out with Heather…

We listened to music.

Chromeo – Needy Girl (Paper Faces Remix)
Bishi – Vicious Stories
Akufen – Deck the House
M.I.A. – Sunshowers
Loop!Station – Sweeter
Laptop – Greatest Hits
Bishi – Flash Yer Lights
Broken Social Scene – Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl
DJ Earworm – No One Takes Your Freedom
Fantastic Plastic Machine – paparuwa
Faze Action – Moving Cities
The Flaming Lips – The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Handsomeboy Technique – Adelie Coast Walts
Hideki Naganuma – Brother Goes Away
Hideki Naganuma – Wrapped in Black
Hybrid – Dreaming Your Dreams
Ratatat – Seventeen Years