I’m gonna be thinking a lot about the project for the next while, and
I’d like to keep track. If you’d like me to lj cut these entries, go
ahead and comment, and I’ll think about it.

So now that we’re starting for real on this project, a bunch of issues
are starting to come up. You’d think that after designing the hell out
of something and making a 9-ish page proposal, you’d have a fairly
concrete blueprint to work from. Unfortunately, that’s not totally the
case. I’m really glad that we did do all this design work beforehand, as
it proved very clearly that we couldn’t do this thing in the 6000 we
originally estimated. However, after a few changes made by the Burning
Man Organization, I’m thinking that even our completed budget is a good
4000 dollars off-base. Funny that, as one of the main points in
originally creating 2πr was to make something significantly cheaper than
Dance Dance Immolation, and now we’re basically in line with it.

This does however follow what everyone was saying, that no matter how
well designed, it will cost more than you think. Also, hose eats money
and you can’t get around it no matter how hard you try, apparently.

I’m really glad though, the fact that we’ve basically gone through a
good three stages worth of design before we’ve even started, is going to
save us so much in wasted time and materials. We’re still on course to
make a bunch of mistakes, but hopefully we got some of the more painful
ones out of the way.

I’m currently feeling a bit overwhelmed with how we’re supposed to
actually start building this. Coming on to DDI somewhat after the
initial whack of building, everyone seemed to have a thing to build (or
seven) an idea of what it looked like, and what appeared to be 1/3rd or
1/4th of it done already. I’m pretty confident about getting from that
stage to the finished art, but I’m kind of stumped how you get from here
to there.

Our current plan is to get the parts for one of the sixteen arms, and
make sure everything works like we assume, and build out from there.
This sounds good to me, but i’m concerned that this puts us in a bad
position to build the only external pieces, the fuel silo and the most
important part, the platform, last. I’m worried that the money and
energy will be running low, and that the two pieces anyone will actually
see will end up looking kinda jank. I’m not willing to let that happen!
I think if I keep that in my head, it’ll work out, but still, I’d like
to make it a priority as soon as it makes sense to do so.

Another thing that’s starting to get scary for me is that right now,
there’s not a whole lot of staff. I think we could use 2-3 more people
who feel like throwing all their time at it, and probably another 4-6
occasional helpers. It seems that everyone’s got so much on their plate
this year though!

In any case, I’m more excited about this than anything. Its gonna be
great seeing it all come together. Nearly everyone seems to think its
one of the coolest ideas, and it feels really awesome to be a part of
something so big. Most importantly, people are gonna do the coolest
stuff with it when it’s done!

OK! Bye for now~

Holy shit, that was intense.

I just got back from an hour and a half meeting with the Burning Man Organization. I am now legally bound to make big fucking fire art. I initialed more times than I can even remember.

I think I’m going to lie down!

P.S. It’s called 2πr.