Music Library Meme

How many songs?
8530 items, 27.8 days, 42.06 GB

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First artist: !!!
Last artist: The Zombies (actually a bunch of japanese stuff, but it’s just cause it sorts by language)

Sort by song title
First Song: ’64 Aka Go – Lemon Jelly
Last Song: Zwing Ting – Streamers

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Shortest Song: 0:04 I Am Beautiful – Fantastic Plastic Machine
Longest Song: 1:14:16 Svrgical Sovnd Specimens From The Mvsevm Of Skin РFant̫mas

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First Album: ’64-’95 – Lemon Jelly
Last Album: Zoo – Fantastic Plastic Machine

First song that comes up on shuffle?
Trapped – Jeep Beat Collective

How many songs come up when you search for “sex”?
20 items including Akufen’s Jeep Sex

How many songs come up when you search for “death”?
39 items, but most of them are death cab for cutie songs

How many songs come up when you search for “love”?
414 items, when played on random, this list chose If You Find Yourself Caught in Love – Belle and Sebastian

I don’t think I’ve ripped most of my cds…

Hell yeah! Woo!

I spun fire earlier tonight!

It was AWESOME! Oh man, I’m totally needing fuel and such now, I want to do that like all the time!

The whooshy sound as burning stuff is flying around you is just super
great. I hit myself a few times, and didn’t catch fire or nothin, and
like hit my arm, and singed a bunch of hair, and yeah, it was just
totally the best.

Also, in less impressive news, I got Animal Crossing Dual Strike~ my friends code for nicoles in sivvles: 3780-1780-3360

What’s yours?