So, despite me alternating between exhausted, sad, and pissy for most of the day, my 22nd birthday went pretty awesome. I got to see some friends, and somehow got all the crap I’ve been wanting!

-Burn of Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy, which is awesome
-Lengthy phonecall with my girlfriend
-Black Shimano 105 STI Shift/Brake levers, I can build my new bike soon! eeeeee~
-A well traveled feather
-1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo for mah PSP! Already has like 7 episodes of Space Ghost, now I just need the fire truck family guy
-Sushi Dinner at Ebisu
-Kitten1980 Shirt!

SEE?! It’s everything!!!

And I’m oh so excited, my girlfriend will be living with me starting basically next week!