I fell

I fell while biking on sunday morning. I was going down this dirt trail thing, got off the trail, went over a bump and was trying to get back on the trail so that I wouldn’t hit a tree and I don’t remember any further. I came to in a completely different section of the park, I think Reed was holding my bike, and I was trying to piece together who I was and what was happening. We went to the hospital soon after. They took my blood pressure and things, gave me some sterile soapy sponge things and took me towards a seated shower thing where I washed the dirt off and out of me. Then I was offered vicodin, which I declined because I was feeling nauseous. They brought 800mg ibuprofen, and the doctor prescribed me 600mg ibuprofen, along with telling me to use aloe on my face and neck, as they are completely scraped up. I fell pretty much on my face and neck. I look like someone sandpapered my face, and then cut me a bit for good measure. I have had a pounding headache ever since, and very little energy. My face hurts a lot. For the good news, it appears that my bike is okay! I am also pretty good at meteos now, as I spent most of the day playing it while lying in bed.

I just thought I would tell you.

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  1. Hope you heal up quickly! Aloe is good, but so is collodial silver. You can take it internally, 5ml a day, and it helps prevent infections and speesd healing. GNC carries it.

  2. ohhh no =( you poor thing. You’re the only other person I’ve ever known besides me to decline vicodan. I’m really sorry to hear you got beat like that, I hope you recover really fast!

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