New Years Resolutions…

Lets see here….
Get the hell out of California. For real.
Okay, I’m done.

Happy new year everybody!


Dear LJ, why am I the worst at writing in you?

What have I been up to?

I think for one, I’ve met a ton of people in the last month, and re-started talking to a bunch of people that I’d broken off from for one reason or another. I’ve been doing the concerts thing quite a bit, went to Not So Silent Night, saw Louis XIV last night! Also, for listings sake, got into a bunch of new music, started geocaching, cleaned my room again, made my room look like a disaster again, ended my job (bye EA!), had a bunch of interviews, hopefully got another job, built my pc back up, watched a bunch of movies, and probably most importantly, started dating Reed! (<3 <3, but oh nos! I’m turning straight?!)

OK! So basically I’ve been having a social life. It’s fun! Now I must sleep. See you in two months! (hopefully sooner)