Also crossposted, but I just posted it:

I’m pretty good now, she hasn’t called, but it’s not a big deal. I’ll
find another cute girl out there, there’s gotta be more than just her
and my ex! lol

So yeah, Friday was way more awesome.
Workworkwork, played some Insaniquarium, then I headed over to Reed’s.
We went to Electronics Boutique and preordered Nintendo DS’ses!
I figure I’ll mention this here.
anyone plans on getting a DS, and lives near San Francisco, me and Reed
are gonna be hosting a DS launch multiplayer party thing at a cafe in
SF. We’ll have some prizes (probably Sims2 for PC on dvd and cd, and a
few DS games, maybe a t shirt or two if I’m resourceful) and hopefully
a bunch of people! I figure a Metroid Hunters multiplayer demo
tournament sounds good, just cause it’s packed in with the system. If
it all goes well, maybe we’ll make it a bi-weekly thing! Respond if you
have any ideas~

So I also picked up Dead or Alive Extremely
Ultimate Crazy edition or whatever its called, and almost bought the
Nightmare of Druaga game… Does anyone have any opinions about that

We then went to Ebisu, my favorite sushi place ever,
instantly got a table cause I go there all the time (like 9 people in
line lol) and had fantastic tuna sashimi. Then we drove around to
listen to music, and ended up at my place where we played Halo 2 badly.
I am the worst at Halo in the history of the game.

Next morning I got tons of stuff done:
-Blood Test!
-Opened a Savings account!
-Cleaned most of my room! (this hasn’t really been done for like 4 years, it’s pretty epic)

stopped by, DOA ridiculousness was had, and we went to Homestyle Buffet
to make fun of people YAY. That restaurant sucks. Walmart of food.

by golfland to play DDR and Virtual ON. Reed won like every time at
Virtual ON, because I suck at all videogames lately… I’ll get better
again though… he’ll see!!

Back at my house, we played more DOA, then dragged ourselves back to Reed’s for sleep… and now I’m at work! Hooray.

PS: I apologize if my writing is terrible, I’m ridiculously tired.

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