Video games are fun

So last friday, my friend Reed found a Pioneer CLD-A100 (If you know what this is you are awesome) on craigslist, and we decided we’d break it in with some sega cd games and some laserdiscs. If you have never seen one of these they are really crazy. A huge fuckin laserdisc player with a genesis cart port and two controller ports in the bottom left. Sonic CD is still like the coolest game, and the segacd Silpheed is way better than the PS2 remake. Also, Streets of Rage 2 is bullshit compared to the original.

He gave me his old laserdisc player! So today I got some dollar laserdiscs at Amoeba. They had Battle Arena Toshinden, and I figured what the fuck why not. He also gave me Revenge of the Nerds cause he had two. I totally need to get a bunch of laserdiscs since they are so cheap. BIG CDS!!!!!! All this has led me to wanting some old SegaCD stuff I never got to play, mainly Snatcher and Panic! *sigh*

I’m really tired of my job. Who’d have thought that doing tech support emails for the biggest video game company out there would be completely irritating after 8 months? Certaintly not me… Oh wait…
Actually I can’t say its even that, its just the pay. Anyone know of any companies that need tech support people? I promise I’m good! Also catlab would be nice…. please? please??

I’ve just started listening to The Divine Comedy, and he(they?) totally rock! Alsoo mashups are the best ever, I want all my songs to merge. It makes listening to them all easier! OK I don’t know how to write BYE!

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I would also like to add that Ebisu was amazing today. Like probably the second best out of all the times I’ve been there! I love that place like you don’t even know. I also managed to get a SUPREME CUSTOMER or something card, so if anyone wants to get sushi, I personally think it’s the best I’ve had. Let me know!

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  1. yes! and they are SHINY!!! Where can you go wrong?!


    Plus they seem to cost like a buck, I coulda gotten like the criterion widescreen special hearts love edition of terminator 2 for a dollar! But where would I put it?

    I am sorta wishing I picked up the Princess Bride laserdisc thing… it was only like 5 bucks. I finally saw that movie on saturday with Reed!

  2. ***Hugs***

    Wish we could talk more, kinda sucks being stuck in my little hole too. Lets hang out sometime tho if somethin’s gettin ya down here, maybe I can help :)

  3. Yaaay for fantastic sushi and vintage Sega CD games! ^_^

    There was once a stall in the local flea market that sold everything from Atari 2600 games to Sega CD stuff, but I guess even they couldn’t compete with emulation. It’s too bad, because he had a lot of games that I thought you’d enjoy, as well as some of the harder-to-find role-playing games. If I find any elsewhere, I’ll let you know. :)

    Fate willing, I should be in the Bay Area sometime in the next few months, and then we’ll have to go to Ebisu! ^__^

  4. Ya! Its the coolest. You can find one every so often on ebay, but they’re rare. Especially the ones with the Hu-card reader in addition to the genesis part apparently.

    Eventually I wanna find one, they are so neat!

  5. I’d love to actually!! Do you mean for lunch or afterwork or day off? You should message me while we’re within 50 feet of eachother so we can hammer something out ^_^

  6. They had a Hu-card version? *swoons* I did not know that. Awesome.

    I still have my laserdisc player, but only a couple of LDs left, maybe I’ll give them to you. :) Some good stuff, including THX-1138(!)

  7. Yeah, the thing is actually a platform for 3 different module things

    From the original press release:

    The PAC-S10, developed in conjunction with SEGA Enterprises, will enable users to play eight- and 12-inch LaserActive Mega LD discs, in addition to existing SEGA CDs and Genesis ROM cartridges, and standard CD+G discs.

    The PAC-N10, developed in conjunction with NEC Home Electronics, will allow consumers to play eight- and 12-inch LaserActive LD-ROM discs, as well as current Turbo Graphx CD-ROM discs and game cartridges and CD+G discs.

    The PAC-K1 will provide compatibility with over 200 available LaserKaraoke titles.

    They released like 10-15 of each LD format, costing around $120 a game at release!

  8. We have a few LaserDisc players, but I always remember wanting a LaserActive for the novelty. I always wanted those obscure video game systems like the FM Town’s Marty, the JVC X-Eye Genesis clone, Neo-Geo CD, etc.

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