Crosspost I forgot about

Crossposted from my journal October 28th, midday:

Lately has not been as nice as it could be.

On Sunday I
talked with this girl Mickey at Jamba Juice, across the street from my
work. She’s gotta be the cutest girl I’ve seen in a long time, and she
remembered my name from like two or three times I stopped in, none of
which were in the previous months or so. She mentioned that monday was
her last day, so on monday I stopped by like 2 times before she even
showed up. Finally, end of the day, she’s there, I go in, and totally
chicken out. An hour or two later I go back, she’s all “back again?”
and I say if she’s ever bored or something she should call me sometime,
and hand her a business card… She says Thank you! really surprised
and enthusiastically, and i’m so shy that I practically run for the
door as we say bye. So I’m a loser, I’m aware ><;; she was so
cute though, you have no idea…

Anyway its thursday and no call… Ah well, I’m kinda sad cause I’d really like to get to know her.

whole thing is weird, I’ve never given my number or hit on anyone
before. I’m way too shy for it, and usually I don’t have to.

Played some Halo 2 yesterday, got a really cute top…

Gosh I’m really not into work today…

I’ll try to post more happy later.

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