Whoa. And My Mom is Awesome.

Whoa, rands totally commented on kayla22kayla‘s post. That is ~awesome~.

I haven’t posted in… forever!
Me using my mac again some seems to have led kayla towards wanting a mac, which in turn has led me to use my mac more, so now it is basically my main computer! Hooray for panther. I sure am glad I got that sucker fixed, it was kind of sad having it broken for so long. Today my mom bought me a 2 port usb kvm switch, so I can now bring the mac back into my room, and have the pc monitor switch back and forth between mac second monitor, and pc single monitor! I also got the Logitech cordless mx duo to celebrate. In normal circumstances everything would already be hooked up, however that wasn’t all I got today…

My mom bought me a sewing machine!!

The BabyLock Crafters Choice

Okay I know that might sound strange, since I am like totally a tech person and not very much known for my homemaker-ey skills, but I’ve really wanted to make my own clothes/customize my clothes for a while now, and I started playing around with hand sewing, but it just wasn’t doing it for me, so I started looking into the machines, and after a few people showed me how to operate them, I picked a few I liked, and brought my mom to the store to show her, and see what she thought. In a stroke of extreme-generousness, my mom thought that now was a good time to get one, and that the one with more features was worth paying more for. I’ve been fooling around with it since the moment I got home, and I love it! Its so easy, and I’m already adding little things to my clothes. I have had so much fun with it, and its only been a few hours! I can’t wait till the class (the place I bought it offers classes for the machines, and if you buy one there you get one that matches your machine for free) so I can learn more!

What with playing with panther and trying all sorts of new programs (transmit, unison, candybar, xchat, more I can’t remember) and now this awesome sewing machine, I almost won’t have time to get totally sad about not being with kayla! …Almost. ;_;. It will be so nice when she gets her G5, we’ll be able to do videochats on iChat AV, and that should help the whole missing her so damn much thing.

Oh oops I just realized this is livejournal and I never post! Byebye!

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  1. Thanks for getting Kayla to get a G5! I hope she learns to love it for all its geekiness it can give. I hope her Mac brings her the joy I have in using my Macs.

    Our house has this setup: iMac G4 17″ (480Gb storage online), Powerbook G3 Pismo, Powerbook G3 Wallstreet, (2) iMac 15″ CRT’s one wireless in the kitchen, Beige G3 300Mhz, 802.11b wireless network, 10/100 switch network, Gateway 2Ghz (won in TechTV contest), eMachines 1.8Ghz machine (hey, we had to have a Windows machine for some web dev we were doing!). We’re just getting into Final Cut Express for video editing, and it’s fun! Now, this isn’t counting the Macs that are just too slow for our everyday work, and are now in the closet. That numbers around 10. Oh, and don’t forget my first computer, an Atari 800, with which I got my first email account in 1980. Yep, that’s right, I have an email address that is 24 years old.

    Good luck to you two! I’m hoping your iChat AV helps you two have better feelings of being near each other. It’s just so neat to see two people sooo in love!

    Big Hugzz!

  2. Babylock does really good work. My mom gave me her old Babylock serger because she didn’t use it very much anymore and it was just another thing to pack when moving. I absolutely love it! :)

    Hope your creativity flows free with your sewing machine. :)

  3. Okay, I know less than nil about computer stuff, but sewing i do know about :D I know hand sewing is VERY VERY frusterating and tedious, i don’t even know why i still do it that way Oo; I’m really super glad that you are getting all into clothing mods tho ^^;; I like being able to talk with someone about it…

  4. Yay for sewing machines!

    Er, Kim and I plan to marry early this Summer. If we choose to do this in San Francisco or Vancouver, could we talk you and Kayla into coming out to City Hall to be official witnesses? We’ll buy you lunch or something. ^_^

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