I forgot how awesome SPEED KING is


The days leading up to a long trip are always horrifically stressful for me. I leave thursday morning at like 7 or some crap, won’t be back till the 7th of january. If I promised to make time to see you and didn’t… sorry ^^; I am awful at managing time, but I promise I will still be awesome when I get back, so we can hang out then! If I promised you a gift and you didn’t get it yet, it may be shipping (with a little bonus) from vancouver instead, ‘pologies about the lateness ><. Yeah, busy day tommorow, but now that I have SPEED KING again, I can do ANYTHING.

So yeah, mmmmmmm get to see kayla in what, like 36 hours? yay ^^

oh, and P.S. Winamp 5 is awesome!

Placement Test! Written at 9.40am today

Placement test today! As I am writing this (on paper in the test center) I seemed to have finished the reading & comprehension test 20 minutes early. (it is 50 minutes for 35 questions.) And as far as I can tell nobody else is done yet. Grrgh. This was easy. I hope the English test is actually harder, because I really can’t deal with eng100 if I place in. (It has weekly essays, and I have a really hard time writing.) Of course, they aren’t testing writing, which is the main focus of the actual classes, they are testing mainly reading and grammar. Boo. Why am I writing an lj entry on paper. I should go through my notebooks, find interesting stuff and backdate it. Bored. Everyone is still working on the test. I can’t use the hiptop or they’d yell at me. Bored. I just plucked a hair out of my head. Sorry lone straight hair, you had to go. Yay! Guy next to me finished. Maybe its almost time for the next test. Oh no, I think the next test is called sentence skill… that sounds simple and dull. There are two guys that I dubbed the Lord Of The Rings guys since one has a face like Elijah Wood, and his friend has long hair. Look I’m not sure why, it just came to me ok? My hair could not be any more in-my-face as it is right now. 5 more minutes… I haven’t used a pencil in like so long. Office Depot No. 2, you are my new hero. I want a newspaper or magazine or something.
Scientists are trying to learn how to control the weather, they want to so we can have rain when we need it.

UPDATE! Results are in, I placed as high as possible on the test. (eng 100… its like results between 45 and 55 I think.)
Placement information for: Nicole Aptekar
Study Area – Placement – College – Allows You To Enroll In

English *E50 CSM ENGL 100

Reading *R53 CSM READ 400, 405, or 415 optional


I really need to learn how to do things without pressure.
Every single photo assignment has been the exact same, like 4 days of crap pictures, then on the last day, 20 minutes before last call at the lab or 20 minutes before I have to run and get rory and shit, basically right before quitting time, my head opens and creative things start happening on film. And then of course its time to go. Aaaaaaaaaaargh.

Also this weather is not making the assignment any easier. I wish I were storm of the xmen, cause then i’d have my ideal conditions whenever I wanted.

I’m feeling otherwise fantastic, last night I met up with crystal and we talked for a while, which I really appreciated. On the way home I noticed that every single light ever was out in burlingame, and just thought to myself “oh, everyone is asleep!” Upon parking my car in a pitch black garage, I realized the power went out, and called my mom to bring a flashlight, since the stairs and halls would be impossible to deal with otherwise. It was actually really cool. This morning since the power was still out, I took a candlelit shower, and it was wonderful.

Class now yay!

Oh also I was thinking of getting a snowflake tattoo right under my navel. I think itd be cool! Not sure exactly though. Permanent stuff scares me ><
8days, some hours till I leave ^^

Random notes

I am scared out of my mind about my GLBT Literature Class. I love the class and the books, I’ve read every book no problem, its just that I can never talk in class, and I can’t write at any sort of length about anything academic. Of course my final is doing just that T_T. I’m seriously so scared about it, I walked out of the midterm because it was so not what I was expecting, and it didn’t help that I didn’t have any useful supplies with me (I was under the impression that the class session was going to be about a book reading, and not the midterm. That should teach me to pay more attention to the syllabus.) I think I am the worst student ever.

Java is going well still! I really like it, I think. I’m at least having fun, and that’s important to me. I never thought I would enjoy programming, and previously I didn’t, but now I’m really liking it ^_^ I just need to actually show up to more of the class sessions. The teacher just moves so slow, it feels like no consequence if I miss it.

I absolutely am in love with Fantastic Plastic Machine’s latest stuff. Too is one of the best cds I’ve heard in a while. I need Zoo ^^ Too is like if you took the best parts of FPM, the coolest bits from his remixes, chopped it up, along with some of Daft Punk’s Discovery, and got served it on a silver platter in bed.

Seeing tamala2010 for the second time tomorrow! Going with Nikari and maybe Mary, I am excited! I missed the first bit when I went with Rory on Saturday, since it took us about 6 months to find parking, so now I get to see what I missed, and experience the weirdness all over again. I’m sure there is lots more to notice that I didn’t the first time through anyway. My new icons are of Tamala btw, she’s so cute!

I have been drinking so much fake water lately. From Aquafina Esentials to Glaceau Vitamin Water, I just can’t get enough of the stuff. And to think I used to call it gross!

Anyway I really should go to bed. Bye everyone!