I just wrote a silly craps game in java. I love it.
Speaking of love, my beautiful Kayla is mere feet away from me sleeping her beautiful sleep. I’ve had such a wonderful time with her, she motivates me to actually accomplish things, its so great!

Yesterday was lots of fun, went with dan and david and kayla to some random mall, then had the most eventful hwy-5 drive north ever. I think we stopped at every single motel, and at least 1/2 of all the gas station convenience stores along the way! It took forever, and I’m glad we did it.

Today was a day of nauseating driving with my mom and Kayla through San Francisco. I’m an awful passenger nowadays, I get vomirific at the drop of a hat. We had a fabulous dinner and saw tiny cans though, so it was all worthwhile. I’m sad that my rollerblade shop near ghirardelli square closed. Now I don’t know where to go for brakes and bearings and such anymore.

I am still amazed I actually was able to figure out how to write that little game. It wasn’t like hard or complex or anything, I just feared the whole time that I am continually stupid, but it turns out that I can grasp a few concepts here and there. Anyway, go me, and go me to bed. Night y’all!

Need For Speed Underground

I just downloaded, uncompressed, installed, and uninstalled the pc demo. Played one game online with Kayla. That seriously has to be the worst online gaming ever.

Thanks EA!

Single player is still totally awesome though. Anyone (SSX3) see (SSX3) a (SSX3) trend (SSX3) ?