thoughts while driving

I found a script to let me post on lj from my hiptop, yay!

I am driving and typing on my way to nikari’s house, because I am a bad person like that. I really like this kenna cd. I want to get my room cleaned, but its so hard to start, I always lose energy. I said i’d do it next week to my mom though, so hopefully I actually will. I could go for sharp cheddar right about now. Apparently we could be getting pho later!

I’m very excited for mid november when kayla comes to visit, I want to like clean everything and learn how to be awesome and find a million dollars to spend and stuff! Whooooooa turning. So we were all thinking of an la trip sometime during her visit, which should be great fun. I need to call around for hotel deals and stuff…. Jacuzzi is wanted, and it will be had! Gosh I can’t wait. Matt and mikey and people who aren’t irritating in socal we should totally get together! I want to go to claim jumpers because it has been like a year at least since I last went. What elseeeee………..

I need to stop being so lazy! Best buyyyyyy I need to stop there sometime and check out that autctiondrop place, or just list my mixer on ebay or something. My mom said shed get me the coffin thing for my equipment, she is the best! ^_^

Typing and driving is like ~this~ hard. I think I give up. Everyone yell at me for being a risky driver!



Okay hello everyone.

Today is sunday and that means I have a programming thing due tommorow morning in java! I haven’t started it because I am a professional. In other news I saw Kill Bill volume 1 on friday with [info]mairu and [info]nikari and [info]niko and it was amazing! I want me a sword so bad. We also had in-n-out and bakers square, which was home to the worst restaurant service imaginable. I believe the tip was under a dollar.

Saturday I did nothing for the first half of the day, then barted over to san francisco to hang out with [info]darksound. We stopped by the metreon, which was holding ridiculous anime day 2000 or whatever, and I looked at headphones again. The metreon isn’t very awesome. We checked out Virgin megastore, where I bought way too much music stuff, and lush, where I made rubin get emily a present. Then we had dinner with one of his families’ friends, who was very awesome and wouldn’t let me pay for any of it ><;;;. That night I stayed up till like 4am playing Unreal Tournament 2003 with [info]gd_kun.

Today was another nothing day. Woke up late, had some userinfopizza, went over to see nikari and walked around a bit. Also played a good game of bombastic.

Tommorow I hope to get some exercise and take pictures, as well as start and finish the next book for my gay lit class.

PS I just found out the java project is not due until friday.

PPS I like comments so please do even if they are pointless and irrelevant. Links are a plus, especially ones that are completely unrelated.

PPSSPPS The love of my life now has a livejournal and is *gasp* posting in it! Say hi to her, she’s pretty! [info]kayla22

[I absolutely wrote this on my hiptop while driving home... adding links and going to sleep]
I wake up late, I no longer feel sick, i’m overall pretty fine actually now! So I call around to see if any of the guitar centers want my old mixer. None of them do, even though they sell it for 400 dollars new, and its a good brand and everything. Whatever… But they are willing to work with me on prices for the new one (its actually a step down, just that mine is too complicated for me) so I suppose that’s a plus… Now all I need is money! Sigh. My slides went over well in photography, and i’m so happy about that. I really want to feel good about my photo stuff, cause I feel so nice taking them!

But that’s besides the point! Kill bill this friday with the rest of the n crowd (+ rory) and today me and [info]nikari went to del taco and met up with dustin! He showed up randomly and is so cute!! I felt sorry for conversation hogging, when people aren’t talking I feel a need to fill gaps so it seems like I just never shut up. I hope it doesn’t come across too bad. Frys and tower, got compressed air and the chemical brothers 10 years cd… Which I am now listening to.

I love this shirt btw, its so awesome. I would take a picture but then it would make too much sense.

Every time I see an escalade I feel like slicing it in half with a katana and riddling it with bullets.

Hi, just got back from an utterly fabulous weekend with my Kayla. I can’t wait until we no longer have to part after a few days together. I’m not a bitch, I’m a muffin!
Showed up with [info]nikari at her work on thursday all unexpected-like (well, ~mostly~ unexpected-like… she had some ideas) with roses and waited for her to exit for lunch, hiding behind the elevator wall. She was so surprised and happy and vibrating and it was the best, I hugged her and kissed her and then walked her over to meet nikari, and it was like she was in shock it was so great ^^. Lunch at The Keg, and then after dropping her back off by her work, me and nikari explored a bit of Vancouver. Hanging out with nikari in Vancouver was somehow even more fun than hanging out with nikari in the bay area! I’m so glad he came with, it was so much fun, and me and Kayla loved acting like hosts. We saw Lost in Translation, and it was so crazy awesome, everyone should go see it. It probably works less well if you know japanese, just a warning. I think it was touching and fun even discounting anything that would be different by knowing what was said though. Picked up some awesome soaps and massage bars and bubble baths and stuff for me and Kayla to play with at Lush, the rock star soap is the best thing ever. Ever. After attempting to play nice with the bemani crowd there, an awesome night at a gay bar and meeting Kayla’s aunt, Nikari left, and me and Kay had some days for alone time (thanks nikari ^^) which was a lot of fun. Some other highlights were a mature feeling dinner-thing with one of Kayla’s bosses and his wife, School of Rock (which was AMAZING), a lot of lovely little walks, cooking various meals for eachother, and a chocolate-mint massage bar which was obviously sent down from the heavens.

Flying back was sad and awful. I feel sick from it.

I’m not sure what I really want to do with stuff. I have noticed some stuff about myself that I’d like to explore more, mainly that every time I go out to do an assignment for my photo class, I feel -wonderful-. I wish the camera was mine though, and not borrowed from the school. I keep having to return it, and that makes me sad. I also really want to get into djing. I have most of the equipment already (because I was a moron a few years ago) but I never really did anything with it. I think what I love about photography so far would also be applicable to djing oddly enough. Just basically making my own personal best-of of the world I experience. Also my mac just got fixed, so I suppose I could do something involving that and recording and such. I know I’m not happy with school right now. My physics class is awful, I asked 3 or 4 different people and the professor to email me the assignment because I would be out of town, and one of them did… monday morning, and it was due monday day. You would think if you talk with the professor and he promises to do something, that he would actually do it, but I suppose I ask for too much. I really don’t like him. My photography and my glbt literature class are great though. Java class is whatever.

I have a bit of a wish-list right now. The things I want to get after I get a job and have money or whatever, I want to get a Pentax ZX-M because it is the camera I rent in class and I like it, and the Numark DXM06, because everyone I talked to said it was a great mixer, and I started to really make sense of it all at the shop in Vancouver. Okay I am pretty tired now SO I think I’m gonna go finish one of the gay lit books. Night everyone ^^