Random Observations

People keep bugging me to post, so here is a post:

I am really enjoying Hybrid’s new album! I can’t wait to buy it and get the bonus dvd.

I got a crazy haircut. Crazy in that I am now like 8 inches shorter in hair-length. What a difference! I have bangs now too! So far it is loved by all.

My mom took me to Express and Sephora and got me everyfuckingthingever. Hooray for a new wardrobe!

[info]mairu got a new video card, so I now have a GeForce3… hooray? I’ll get something up to date eventually…

Bombastic is absolutely fun, but I really need to get back to Disgaea… I wish I had more time ;_;

Speaking of time, I’ve been busy with school but not quite doing the best I could with it (note the time… I happen to have class at 9am… I’m so on the ball…) and attempting to fix other peoples pcs, which is taking -way- too long. So very irritating.

Neal Stephenson this thursday and friday! I need to get me another copy of The Diamond Age!

It has been altogether too warm in the bay area recently.