“Being underweight carries health risks, just as being overweight carries risks such as heart disease and diabetes. We at eDiets are committed to the health and growth of our members. Please choose a goal weight within the healthy range for your height:”

Okay that was totally amazing. I clicked on one of msn’s atkins/ediets ads because I was bored, filled out my information, and it will not let me have anything to do with their program for even maintaining my current weight untill i gain at least 5-7 more pounds.

In other news, school started this past wednesday, and on the whole, it has been really awesome so far! I originally had like 23 units for this semester, but I think I’m going to trim that down to around 16, which is still quite a few units over the full-time-student-12. This still leaves me with tuesday and thursday essentially free, but since I’m now taking [info]mairu to school (and even sharing some classes with him) I need to be there anyway, so I may still add a class if any of my friends have something particularly interesting-sounding.

What am I taking?
-Analytic Trigonometry with rory and the oldest teacher on the planet [FOX NEWS ALERT: APTEKARS A PLENTY IN MATH 130; TEACHER NOTES “SURPLUS OF APTEKARS” LOUDLY AND CLEARLY)
-Intro to Object Oriented Programming also with rory (yay a ridiculously basic java class! I love free credits)
-Descriptive Intro to Physics
-Visual Perception (basically like an into photography class, seems totally interesting)
-Topics in Lit: Gay and Lesbian Literature (unfortunately this class hasn’t met yet, I can’t wait though, to see what it’s like ^_^)

I also have a marketing class, but I’m not certain whether or not I’m actually going to take it. So thats my 16/19 units (marketing is the extra 3) and I may still add another class, and then its on to finding a nice part time job. Hopefully a cafe or bookstore or something.

I am officially a zombie.

Okay that was terrible. I go in to the hospital today to get my bloodwork done, and it was an absolute disaster. First off the waiting room was ridiculously crowded, so I spent quite a while browsing slashdot and talking to [info]kayla22 while waiting, which was at least something other than reading their terrible magazines. Everyone was looking at me, I kept freaking out. Then I get called finally, go into the blood drawing room, and the lady pokes me and starts drawing blood. It quickly stops coming, she calls for someone to help her, and I recieve this wonderful pressure in my arm, so I start going ow, ow, and she takes it out after freaking out herself. Eventually someone else shows up and says to try a different vein. So we are now on my right hand, and she is getting blood, but it hurts, but I just want this DONE with, so I tell myself to shut up. The blood quickly stops coming again, and it REALLY hurts. She removes the needle as I am blacking out, and then all of a sudden there are more people telling me to do things like put my hand somewhere and lie my head somewhere. I say that I want to lie down and they pay very little attention. For whatever reason I am sweating all over. Finally I am put on a cot thing and they start fanning me. I’m very dizzy, very sweating, and very shitty. They get me orange juice and after quite some time I can get up. I walk over to the cafeteria and down a cup of soup and half a sandwich, value priced at 8 bucks without a drink -_-. I also down two packets of sugar. I walk back over to the lab. After standing around for longer than I should have had to, one of the guys stops pretending to be busy, points me in the direction of a competent professional, and I get all three vials done quick and easy.

I am so fucking drained right now I feel like I am dead. Walking up the stairs to my apartment was so hard, I almost fell backwards on one of the steps because I MISSED. Fuck fucking mills peninsula hospital aside from the ronaldo guy who didnt fucking suck ass.

I’m going to go sleep for 6 months. See you in february!