I followed every other paid member’s lead and changed from the s1 style “generator” to the s2 style “component” I also played and made the colors more awesome! Go me! Check it out!

Yesterday me and [info]megan_desu went rollerblading around Livermore, and I realized that I no longer have even a stitch of stamina. I was dying like two seconds in… oh well! It was fun ^^


Yesterday was pretty awesome.

I woke up and went to a doctors appointment to check up on my stomach, and it seems everything is pretty normal, and should be fine in a few days, which is certaintly good, then I went to best buy and picked up the frou frou cd, and it is awesome. After that I headed to Fry’s electronics, and randomly started up conversation with an employee working in the videogames section ^^ We exchanged aim nicks and stuff, and I hope she contacts me ^^ Then it was off to Sunnyvale Golfland, to try out beatmania IIDX 9th style… yikes, they ruined IIDX… it feels like I’m playing on a totally different track than the game, like it just feels weird… so bizzare… I may play it some more to see if I can get used to it though, as it is only 50cents a play due to a bug in the game.

Then! met [info]nopar and [info]gd-kun for Kaz, CD buying, and random-running-into-people stuff. At some point we caught up with [info]gotmilkbl and tried to find pizza, which of course didn’t happen since everywhere on the peninsula closes at NINE PM. argh. We ended up having Mimi’s Cafe, which was pretty good, but due to the whole stomach thing I really only had like half a muffin and half a bowl of soup.

David followed me home, and we stayed up till like 3am watching episodes of Space Ghost and the Tenacious D show!

So today, I wake up, and rory brings in the mail, which includes my [info]Kayla22‘s wonderful birthday gift of a beautiful necklace, her housekeys, and a really pretty card ^_______________^ Kayla I love you soooooo much, I cant wait to see you on the 30th ^^

LXG tonight!

… oh and http://www.innergeek.us/geek.html
I got 31.55819%
Kay got 28.40237% ….I Win!

ALSO: does anyone remember The Tommorow People? It was on nickelodeon in the mid 90′s and was awesome.


I have such trouble with cameras recently. I thought I was supposed to be photogenic? Anyway, since I’m betting she still reads this, I do have to say thanks to Nova for taking the still-best picture of me and Kayla ever.

So my birthday was so-so, I got nice stuff, Kayla sent me the prettiest flowers, and people were great, but my stomach is really bothering me and I’m feeling sick, so I didn’t get to like go to dinner or anything. Me and my mom rescheduled for friday though, so that should be nice. ^_^
Also, [info]ma77 turned me on to Frou Frou, and they are awesome. Their songs are so pretty it makes me want to cry.

I think I’m gonna get tickets for vancouver tommorow… 3 weeks or so till I can kiss my Kayla again ^_____^

I need to start thinking of stuff to write about more.

okay. I. hate. Gaia. Online.

Dan and I just spent at least an hour trying to get some semblance of money in this badly written, badly drawn piece of shit so that he could post hello on the stupid forum that he was invited to, and after an hour of getting all this stupid fake money, getting the stupid fake pants, and wasting everybody’s time, he has decided he is not GOING to say hi.

I hate gaia online.