so order of the phoenix was really really good, really intense too. I don’t usually cry during books. that’s all I can say cause i’m not about to spoil anything.


I have a headache.

in other news, the vancouver trip has been going really well, my mom came for some days, bought everyone some nice dinners, i got a cool slate necklace, and me and kayla saw some awesome guy with fire. one thing I didn’t expect though coming up here is how lonely I feel. like, not completely lonely, cuz kayla is here and i’m not lonely when i’m with her, its just that I don’t really know anyone up here, so while kayla’s at work, I don’t really do anything…. I guess I just wish I knew a few more people up here. I miss my friends in the bay area though… like, I wanna hang out with nikari and go to del taco, and go to denny’s with rubin and sit there for hours talking… I wanna play laser tag with kate, and I wanna rollerblade over to amber’s house and just kick it for a while. who knew? (sorry if I didn’t put you in, those are just -examples-) ill bet if I get a job up here I’ll start to meet people and stuff, but till I do, y’know?

this doesn’t mean i’m not having a good trip, cuz I am.^^ I just wanted to talk about certain things.

well, I’ve got an appointment coming up, I should go, byebye^_^