flight boardsin ten minutes


i’m on the plane now


Smuggy McBastard is sitting across from me with a pair of sunglasses, a wall street journal, and a duty free shopping bag that says “dfs designgalleria”


gonna see kay in like a few hours

^____________________^ yay!

I’m sitting on the internet in a fucking hot tub, this is the greatest thing in the world. thank god for hiptop.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh relaxing

la la la

okay ~first~ thing: if anyone messaged me after like 9pm today, i didnt see it. hiptop issues ><

~second~ so more laserquest today, small children are the WORST. and i had a sunburn appointment, it was quick ^^ and i’m tired. and rambling. and also tired. yes.

State of the union to nicole: otter pops are great.

well duh!

the stuff

okay, so everyone seems to be using lj as their scheduler thing, so what the hell ^^

yesterday rollerblade all over foster city, meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a long while, eat terrible food (panda express)
today realize nose is sunburnt a little, buy sunscreen, rollerblade, hopefully play laserquest with
wednesday laser appointment at noon, matrix reloaded with , amber, and cissy
thursday painkillers???? the world will never know. also, probably rollerblading
tuesday doctor appointment, therapist appointment, eating at the restaurant I like in japantown
thursday is coming up! hoorah!
friday crazy midnight to 6am laserquest madness with , , and the csm peopleses!
tuesday or wednesday hopefully on a plane to vancouver! hurrah ^^

yes. lovely. laserquest is fun


hooray! it turns out that I am still cute, even though I don’t like first person shooters like Half Life or System Shock 2, and am not excited about the sequels they may spawn!