I’m about to leave for vancouver ^_^ yay! I took a bunch of pictures of Angry, but I’m dumb and they are all too dark… When I get back, I’ll take better ones, cuz now there is no time ^^;;
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i’m back!

okay, so i’m back on my pc again! ^_^ only for a bit, i’m ripping my latest cds so I have stuff to bring on the plane and stuff… leaving again for vancouver this wednesday!

Since the computer-quitting thing, I’ve been reading books like CRAZY. I’m averaging a book or two per day, reading is awesome! if anyone has suggestions, I’d be appreciative ^^

So today I went to IKEA. Holy shit that was the scariest experience of my life. I felt like I was suffocating… the people, the normalcy, the seething fakeness of the whole thing… I felt like I needed to detonate it… I spent most of my time running back and forth avoiding their arrows on the ground, then after I got irritated from their 2 hour line to the cafe I just started pushing people out of my way… finally got out. However stupid I feel saying this, I feel like I ought to go read Fight Club again just because of the trip there today.

I got Angry! ^____^ angry is a vinyl figurey by PWF, designed by Koji Takeuchi (he did the character designs for the Bust-A-Move series) I’ll get some pictures up of her soon, she looks totally rad. I have the other Koji vinyl being sent to me from malaysia right now ^^

So yeah… thats today’s update! I probably won’t be by my computer much after I finish this stuff up… Way more interesting reading books than sitting online.

Current Book: Kurt Vonnegut – Timequake

so it turned out I didn’t screw up everything, however, i’m still not using my computer. its interesting.