So things were going great, then I fucked everything up as I am prone to do. I think I’m gonna get away from the computer for a few days.


Whee okay so I took a loritab today for my appointment, drove home somehow, fell asleep soon after, then woke up again! gah! Bad opiate you are supposed to keep me asleep!

well i’m up now. So I figure a post to the ol’ LJ can’t be a bad idea.

I’m thinking that I want to for real start excersizing, cause my stomach is starting to bug me… I’m sure nobody believes me though and is just gonna tell me i’m already totally thin… whateva i’m gonna go for the gold. If its not grey outside tommorow, i’m totally going to rollerblade… That should be fun!

I’ve got another flight out to see Kayla in Vancouver on april 16th ^^ two days longer than usual this time, and we’re gonna try and not spend money! Which as everyone should know, is something I’m really bad at…. HA! oh well, it will be totally fun I know, and I can’t wait to see her, I’ve been missing being with her -so bad- since she left ;_;

YEAH go elipses all over the place, I don’t need REAL grammar, cause I’m awesome!

Been looking for a job still sort of, which is not going particularly well, seeing as nobody has called me back from any of the places I submitted stuff to, maybe with the rollerblading tommorow I could look around and fill stuff out *makes note to remember to bring a pen in her purse tommorow*

okay so I started pokemon, but totally got interrupted because the best game in the world came out for GBA and i just noticed, so i’ve been playing MADE IN WARIO since like monday night, dan came over and we beat the story mode, and now its like crazy speed ranking and crap… this game is AMAZINGLY GLORIOUS. Its the game that will bring ADD to a NEW generation! ^_^ I love the 4 second-ness of it all. I hope they release a sequel, screw mario party minigames, 4 second wario microgames are the best!

I’m gonna get back to pokemon soon though, cause I really want to play against people! ^^

I joined a community about big pants, because its the best damn community idea I have ever heard. I’m gonna hopefully get pants-related pics up so I can post em there ^^

I have no idea what else to say. ^^

OH! Interestingy!
I’m thinking I’m gonna get my navel pierced, in like a month or two, so I’m reading around, and it seems like its a total pain with aftercare and stuff, but I think it would look really good! >< So yeah, anyone wanna comment on that? help me out yknow? also barbell or hoop, i’m thinking barbell….

gotta catch em all

so I started playing pokemon red-thousand, or ruby, or something, and its fun. I played the original blue version a few years back, but skipped gold and crystal and whatever others there have been since then. i’m finding its mostly the same game, but now I have a pokemon that can make others fall in love with it, so that’s all good. this time around i’m taking it not as seriously, so my pokemon have silly names, like billy and bastard and flyby ^_^;;

god it is late… why am I up so late?…. oh yeah…. pokemon.

i’m pathetic.


I’m supposed to update my journal every so often… or something, so lets try that.

I put my computer into a new case, then added a drive or two, replaced the motherboard, processor, and ram, added some lighting, and i’m calling that my new computer. It is apparently faster than my old computer, though I have not noticed this much yet. I also don’t really care, as the whole thing was just to get a few new features and play with hardware, since I don’t have enough room for lego anymore.
It has a bunch of blue and ultraviolet light happening on the inside, which makes for a nice thing to look at when bored ^^

It will be fun when i get a new graphics card, cause then i’ll actually notice a difference in some things, like UT2 or whatever it is I just recently started playing so that I could play a game online with/against Kayla. Its fun ^_^. I also would like to cut a window into the case so that all that lighting stuff is visible without removing the panel. You would think the window comes before the lighting, but -I- go for the gold. ^^

Hooked back up my turntables and got some new vinyl, playing with that is loads of fun, especially considering how awful I am now ^^;;; I’ll just keep practicing ^^

I’m currently getting over a bit of a cold, and my mood recently seems to show it >< I’ve had this cold now for a whole week, and its just yesterday showing signs of slowing down. I’d like it to go away, cause its making it hard to taste things, and exercise is difficult.

Ripped a ton more of my cds, now I have more than I could ever possibly listen to on my hard drive. The challenge of course, is remembering whats what when I want to hear it.

Last night kind of sucked, a lot. I found out that someone I considered a very close, wasnt exactly being honest with me about the friendship, or something. I have nothing against this person, I don’t expect everyone to like me, but the worst part is that I heard this from a third party. Made me feel a bit of the fool, wondering if i am just that blind to see when someone isnt fond of me, or what, and also, confused to why someone would pretend to enjoy my company in the first place. Maybe I just don’t understand. It hurt alot though, I drove home in tears, but its just another thing popping up recently proving that I’m not very attached to this area any more. I mean, the bay area is beautiful and all, but I can’t say any of my absolute closest friends are here, and it seems like I’m getting farther and farther from the remaining friends I do have here. I’d really like to move more towards some of my closer friends, but that really doesn’t seem like an option right now, so I’ll just deal or something, at least for the time being. It is certaintly good to have Dan visiting for the next two weeks, and I plan on taking a bit of a trip to southern california to see David a few weeks later. I’d really like to live near or with Kayla… but thats not something I can do right now, though hopefully in a year or two I’ll be living with my love ^^

Whatever, thats a reasonably sized entry. off you go