I meant to make a great big entry about how terrible customs was when I left to see kayla, but I’m not gonna!
Kayla is coming over tommorow, for the past week me and my mom have been totally trying to clean off the radiation in my room, and while we’ve managed to get a bunch of stuff gone, there is still -so- much more to do ;_; I just hope theres a bed in there by tommorow night…. ><;;;

Hopefully also the rest of the house will be somewhat manueverable… but that ones a long shot! HA!

I am so unprepared for next week ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

and she’s off…

whee, this is like, the third major trip of the year, and its only february! In a few minutes i leave to get to SFO, after a nice 10 minute sleep this past night, and in a scant few hours, i’ll be off to have lunch with my lovely kayla ^_______^

I promise to take more pictures this time, I wont be forgetting my memory stick like last time ^^;;;;

God life has been fun recently. ^^


watch me be boring on yahoo messenger!

my namey thing is nicoletbn


OH and i’m a retard for not saying this before!

kayla is coming omg kayla is coming yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ^____________________________________________________^

so like, everyone is staying at my house the 28th through the 10th and for a good 4 or 6 days its gonna be mad crazy! soooooo i want everyone to come over and hang out and stuff as well lalalala mar 4-8 yey ^^