umm… for the most part, just disregard the last two posts…. sorry ^^;; i talked with my therapist and thought everything over, and everything is fine now. thanks ^^


whee added myself to my friends list, that way if i’m on my hiptop, i only have to load one page to see everything and comments and stuff ^^

this is a kick back sort of day so far…. might go to victorias secret to check out the big sale thing… la la la

oh, if anyone wants anything reasonable from my room, i’m gonna be getting rid of a lot soon, so let me know, ok? ^^ thanks

its the last night before I leave missouri. I keep waking up and spent a bunch of time between sleep and awake, with weird dreams in between. when I first told everyone i’d be going to missouri, the response was always “why?” or “sorry” or something like that. I started to worry about if everything was going to be terrible since everyone in ca seemed to have such low opinions of the area (the area being anywhere outside of california ^_^) However, this has been one of the most comfortable and awesome weeks ever. I really have been enjoying myself here. I do feel like I don’t entirely fit in, but if you know me well enough, you know I thrive on that for the most part anyway. hanging out with nova and saria (like the cutest couple I have ever seen ^^) has been so much fun, I wish I could stay like another week just to see more ^^ oh and meeting saria was rad, she’s totally a cutie ^_^

when I went to new york, I wrote that later on I would write about the trip, and I never did. I have a feeling that if I were to say i’d write about this later, the same would happen, so I won’t.

I’ve known nova online-only for a number of years (5? 6?), and I always used to wish that she would visit my area, like go to fanime one year or something, and i’d finally get to meet her. (i’m actually glad that I ended up going here instead ^_^) meeting her for real, in person, has just been totally awesome. she’s just totally amazing, and like -always-, I can’t come up with words to describe anything.

i’m starting to hate how difficult it is for me to write. I have a feeling its the period of overmedication in my life that caused it, but I don’t want to just blame someone or something for my faults. however, recently its been making me feel awful about myself.

oh well, I’ll probably try an english class or two and hope for the best.

macworld next week, school starts and vancouver the week after… after I get a job and start to actually earn something…. I really want to do this sort of thing more often… maybe not with the losing my id part though next time^_^;;;

nova, thanks for being who you are, thanks for letting me stay, thanks for being just totally and completely awesome. I’ve had one of the best weeks of my life, and i’m totally astounded by everything. (not just the snow ^^) it will certaintly be hard to leave in a few hours.

last thing, I also can’t wait to get home, its been too long since I’ve been able to call kayla, and I miss the sound of her voice more than anything in the world. 13 days from almost right now, ill be on a plane to see her. 13 days has never seemed so far away…

I can’t wait!!!! ^_^