yesterday at the movies

[sorry if this post is hard to read... i'm not amazing when it comes to writing]
okay so first off, my bad if the last post was annoying…. i just realized lists arent very fun to read ^^;;;

Last night was a bunch of fun ^_^ we all decided to see harry potter and the chamber of secrets, so rory and i hopped in the car, and drove on over to dan’s house. once we got dan, the fun began… driving on the freeway to pick up rubin in concord, rory started to get annoying, which he is prone to do, being 16 years old, and loud. So me and dan started to drown him out, by using the music in my car trick ^^ this is where one realizes that the speakers in my car are set up all funny, so that the back is exponentially louder than the front. using this trick we started a competition between rory screaming that we were jerks louder and louder, the music getting louder and louder to accomodate such screaming, and dan having a near-heart-attack from laughing so hard.

Once we passed over the bay bridge, kayla signed on (i have my hiptop set to detonate a small nuclear warhead of sound and vibration every time she comes on, so that i know and cant miss it ^^;;;;;) and despite my pleas, dan wouldnt take over the wheel >.< The two of them started talking a bit, and then we got to rubin's house, where i was like, okay give me the hiptop, and he stated something about being in the middle of a conversation or something equally ridiculous ^_^ anyway this ended with me playfully shouting from across the street "well she's _my_ girlfriend~!" and getting a reply of both ridiculously loud laughter (which had been going on from both sides during the entire thing^_^) and also from dan "not anymore" or "we'll see about that!" or something ^_^ my friends are fun ^^

So rubin comes out and i start whining again about wanting to talk to her, finally we make it the few blocks to the theatre and park, where i yoink the hiptop away from dan and start talking nonstop with kayla ^__________________^ I was sort of lagging behind and getting generally lost from staring at a screen rather than where i was going, but i really only had one thought process going on at that point, which is that i needed to tell her i loved her... alot ^_^ after a halfassed debate by them to see two towers, which started as soon as rubin entered the car in the first place, and culminated in two options: A. we see harry potter or james bond (i havent seen the first lotr, and i want to read them first before i watch them) or B. I wait outside and talk to kayla while they watch two towers. rubin and rory seemed up for plan b, as was i ^^;; but dan thought it would be kinda rude of them to leave me outside and stuff, so we got tickets to harry potter ^_^

Rubin started the whining about not seeing two towers as dan decided we made the right choice, cause long lines suck ^^ rory got a gigantic popcorn and i threw a piece at rubin then ran inside the theatre so that i could talk to kayla without walking into walls or people or refreshments ^_^ it was painful to have to stop talking to her when the trailers started >.< but dan kept yelling at me so i put the hiptop away… after a side comment filled 7 or 8 movie trailers (i thought there were normally only like 3?), almost all of which probably looked terrible, but the past few days -everything- has been looking good to me now ^___^ the movie finally started, and YAY it was amazing, i love these harry potter movies SO much, cause rory looks EXACTLY like harry potter! its uncanny! me and dan kept shouting ‘rory!’ at eachother whenever he looked particularly similar (which was about every ten seconds) as well as going on and on about how amazing this movie would be when stoned ^^;;;;;;;;; except the spider scene OMG it would RUIN OUR LIVES.

I dont know if it was the movie, or my mood, but i have never seen a more vivid and alive movie as that was…. so great!!! apparently rubin was bugging rory the whole movie with side comments, and so when the movie ended, rory emptied the giant tub of popcorn on rubin’s lap and it was the funniest thing ever! rory couldnt stop laughing for well over 15 minutes, as we kept making comments involving rory and magic, and going on and on about how that was like the best movie in a long time and such ^^ FUN!

Okay, so after a long stop at dennys, where me and rory dueled against eachother in the ‘dark game’ with dan and rubin looking on and being assholes about it HAH we stopped at rubin’s, picked up some stuff, and headed to dan’s. no crazy music hijinks because after we got gas, i got the most fabulously terrible headache. rory fell asleep and rubin played solitaire. so we dropped off dan, headed to my place, and after copying a bunch of cds for rubin, we called it a night, he went to sleep, and i wrote kayla a letter on my hiptop ^_^ i dunno what else to say! lalalala maybe i will write about today sometime…

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  1. Nicole,
    I be alive and well and in this place they call they bay area until Jan. 19th and I would love to hang out with at some point. I may wind up doing temp work, so I’ll update you on my schedule if that should happen, but give me a call or IM me or something and let me know if you’re free. Byes!


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