airport la~

wow! it sure is great that I showed up an hour and 50 minutes early! >.< it took all of 10 minutes to get from the car to the gate….

rargh. I shoulda slept more ^^;;;

oh, also, its pretty rad how this sony mp3cd player stops for like 6 seconds in between every track to load. really makes nonstop mixes flow well with the ridiculous pauses. -_-

4 thoughts on “airport la~

  1. =O GAH! I didnt even know you left!!!!!!! D= i’m so messed up outta the loopie loop……
    thats right, it *is* new years…….oh jeeez =/ but anyway have lotsa fun and say hiya to checkers for meh!!!!!! ^^ bring back cute clothes and TAKE PICS!!!!

  2. lol…my dad, who always drives me to the airport, INSISTS on getting there exactly 2 hours ahead of time. I’ve flown quite a bit since 9/11 and the longest it’s taken me was half an hour…and that was a couple days before thanksgiving. It’s ridiculous. lol

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