Chuck P. & Sidekick

lalala yesterday i did two oekakis based on random things i had previously started. then from staring at the screen so intensely, i got a headache and back pain! sound fun? it -was- ^_^

oh, i forgot to state earlier, don’t mind the text, i don’t actually feel that way, it just seemed to fit the picture ^^;;;;;;;;;;;

Oh, i also woke up at 11am, which is very very unusual on a sunday ^^ lalala….

0 thoughts on “Chuck P. & Sidekick

  1. Hey, found your blog searching LJ by for “sidekick” (my fav toy), saw the Chuck P. refs and had to say hi. The books are excellent (survivor and FC are may fav), cool to see others dig them too.


    AIM: galtish

  2. sidekick is rad! ^_^
    If you get a chance, you should totally meet chuck at a book signing if he’s ever even near your area, he is -totally- cool ^^ I think Invisible Monsters is my fav of his books ^^

  3. Yeah, I’d love to go to one of his readings, but he never seems to come anywhere near the southwest….

    Invisible Monsters is great; really out there material, cleverly conceived and totally unique characters (god I loved the daughter’s interactions with her parents, lmao @ “fletching” incident), interesting story and sub-stories… and of course Chuck’s subversive view of the American culture.

    Very cool.


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