I’m bad at journals.

I can’t seem to stick to doing -anything-
oh well, I’ll try harder I guess ^_^

Recently I’ve been really into videogames… first i started playing megaman zero; then i went and beat Sly Cooper; and now I’m on Kingdom Hearts… I might even play Silent Hill 2 if [info]Mairu puts it on the xobx. Sly Cooper is really really jawsomely fun, if you have a ps2, go rent or borrow or steal this game and play it through. It doesn’t take very long. ^^;; Kingdom Hearts seems to be really fun, I’m playing on expert mode, where it seems that every battle can cause a game over, and thats a nice way to play an rpg for once. I didn’t bother with normal mode since I don’t really appreciate games that are not hard.(sly cooper is an exception, since it is really really fun)

I cannot wait for ANUBIS…

I’m halfway through the semester at csm, and i’m surprised at how awful I am at school… Oh well, I’ll get better ^_^

In more important news, a ton of clothing came recently, and I love it all and plan on wearing ALL of it (I have a talent for changing my outfit every ten minutes when lots of people are around) during halloween weekend since there should be some nice partying then ^^


Yeah, I want to do stuff with [info]_satsuki_ more, especially now that [info]nopar and [info]gd-kun are in southern california and that means I can’t do stuff with them ;_;

me and satsuki are totally going to have a line of clothing one day.

lalalala i cant write.

0 thoughts on “I’m bad at journals.

  1. We totally are gonna have a clothing line. I think you are like the only one that gets my fashion sense anyway!!! see, buckles and reflective tape on EVERYTHING! XD

    heheh and i so picked up that changing clothes every 10 minutes thing from you. i wish i could wear one outfit all day but i just cant! wacky! XO

  2. hee ^^ i’ve totally brought like backup outfits in my car to things its crayzee. It is a fun habit to pick up ^^ and if people ask what you wore, you can say everything!

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