Westfield Valley Fair

So I’m walking around in this mall in like santa clara or something, and i’ve never been here before, and its ike one of the nicest malls i have ever been to! (message to satsuki: oh my god i am so taking you here…) the only weird thing about here is that they have like multiples of stores… i saw two macy’s; two electronic’s boutiques; two food courts; four gap’s; and just sort on like that… haha i just walked by the second claire’s as i finished typing that… i’m writing this on my palm walking around before the mall opens^_^ so im like excited, cause later today, i’m going with my rad friend kate to the chuck palanhiuk signing in san francisco… i told myself last night that i would spend today reading choke and lullaby so i have read them before the signing… we will see how that goes^^;; okay whatever i’m gonna go now ^^

today and things

So today I had some classes. I did great in philosophy, and I think I’m also back on track with social psyc ^_^ I missed QuarkXPress, but thats okay, cause the class is totally retarded, and I could do it in my sleep… I hate intro software classes, especially when I already know the software ><;; Rory got the e-reader today, which will kick major ass… in _november_ when the cards start to come out… for now though I love nes pinball ^_^ Kate gave me choke today, and we’re going to a palahniuk signing on friday! I’m so looking forward to it ^_^ (i seem to be ending sentances with faces… sorry ^^;;) I met up with Crystal and Pam at like 9.30pm and we drove around some ^^ I also drew on my shoes and I think I’m going to go to sleep!

another silly useless update.

I’m being bad again, with the fashion sites at 2 am ^^;;
I’m just gonna make a big list of stuff I’m wanting…
-i love the sleeve thing, i always draw clothes with one separated sleeve or one sleeve way shorter than the other^^ the neck is kinda funky though…
-rad rad rad rad rad. I need to find the reflective stuff at some store, and just sew it into ALL of my clothing… i love it so much…
-low pockets and great contrast
-similar to a dress I tried on in new york by the same company… I’m thinking they need to show people modelling the stuff rather than just having it hang there… I can’t get the greatest sense of it, but I think its pretty cool ^^
-i need more skirts, especially ones that dont go out way too far, so i want this ^_^
-if i ever start wearing shorter skirts…
-dear shoes, i love you -nicole
-Dane… is… way… too… awesome ^_^ (click every word for maximum radness)
-awesome looking skirt…
-so cute!
-I’m so loving pink recently ^_^
-I’m not sure why, it just looks like a good addition… too expensive for how basic it is though -_-
-neato looking fabric
urbanoutfitters top, close fitting and awesome looking…
-eeeeeeeeeeeee i want this ^^
-the matrix!

And most of all, I still need this:

-I will have you one day, and we will have magical adventures together, I promise

Ahhhh, one day…

Yesterday was generally considered a bad day for me, however, today is much better, and I apologize to everyone who I was bothering yesterday ^^;;;;


today isnt so far the most wonderful day. I got up on time, but didnt leave for class because my stomach totally hurt… then I got depressed about missing my philosophy class, which I spent last night reading for, then I missed psychology because I wasn’t at school to meet with the teacher, my stomach still hurts, and I need to get to my quark class, to top everything off, I’m wearing a ddrspot shirt. At least I managed to get my mom her birthday gift last night…

I just want to go back to sleep…

One day…

One day I will be able to afford things, and then I will see all my friend’s alot more than I do now. One day I will get this jacket.(I know, i’m such a whore about clothes) One day I will meet everyone I know and love who lives far away. One day I will look exactly as I want to look. One day I will live with David. One day.
For now though, life is fun as it is ^_^

oh, and: really well said.


gd on the wonderful new ichat of mac os 10.2

gd: and it doesn’t have a way to turn off knock-knock or graphical smileys yet
nicole: haha
nicole: :)
nicole: :(
gd: FUCK
gd: YOU

talked to people on aim today that i had previously only talked to on palace, and that is rad ^_^
-checkers: you are so awesome, i’m so happy to know your aim sn, so i dont have to spend two days setting up one of my old computers just to talk with you ^_^ (not that i won’t still do that)
i also talked on the phone with david a bunch ^_^
and I paid off my house in animal crossing! So I now opted to renovate it to a larger floor size
and I got my first NES cartridge in animal crossing ^_^

I am kind of tired. ^^;;

also, if anyone feels like buying me clothing… or more specifically this clothing in a small i will love you -forever- ^_^


I totally love the word rad, its like my favorite word ever. Crystal stayed over tonight, and that was rad ^_^ Rory made me drive to menlo park to pick up Animal Crossing at blockbuster, but that game is rad, so its okay ^-^ I played it for a little, and my little character is called nicki and her town is called laerci, and there is a bitchy gossipy chicken in it, but there is also a cat named Kiki who gave me a chair. This game is really neat ^_^

I dont know how to update my journal well!