I was so tired today. I woke up, and couldnt stay awake… ><;;; I missed my first class cause i couldnt keep myself up, then my second class, then my third class... i finally got out of the house at around 2:30pm for an appointment, then around 4 I met up with Mary, where I was too tired to do much of anything... oh well. I picked up a backpack at mervyns on the way home... its orange, I think I like it ^^

I need to like never have this happen again, I can't be missing my classes like that ><;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

In other news, I can't wait till friday ^^ we're gonna have so much fun!

nini all ^^:;;;

I can never think of titles so the title for the day is asparagus.

Yay today was fun! I met up with mary today, which might seem odd, but she was very fun and enjoyable and not annoying, i’d like to do more with her ^^ I really like getting to see everyone i knew like 3 years ago again, its really cool… I’ve got so many friends now it seems! Typography class was today, and I’m amazed that I still remember everything, 2 years later or whatever. I should do -really- well in this course! ^_^
I really want to start on my remixy thingy for nopar, but I don’t seem to be in the mood for reason recently, even though i’ve got all these great sounding ideas…
I can’t think of much else…. oh yeah! I passed out in the shower again ><;;;

oh well ^^

oh!!! last minute edit: rory bought me a denki groove dvd, and it came today, and it is wonderfully bizzare like nothing i have ever seen before ^^ thank you rory!!!

note to self

I want to make a book wish list and put it online so I dont forget what I want to read. Any suggestions are encouraged.

I’ll start with some that I just finished:
Survivor/Chuck Palahniuk
Invisible Monsters/Chuck Palahniuk
The Wanting Seed/Anthony Burgess

Some of my favorite books ever:
House of Leaves/Mark Z. Danielewski
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy[series]/Douglas Adams
Invisible Monsters/Chuck Palahniuk (yes its up there too, but i love this book so nyaaah ^^)

Some books I’m going to read next:
Lullaby/Chuck Palahniuk
Choke/Chuck Palahniuk
Ken Kesey/One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Ken Kesey/Sometimes a Great Notion

like i said, any suggestions are encouraged! ^_^

Not much of a day

I like woke up at 4pm or something today… way to go me! Oh well, I’ll get on track when school kicks in harder I guess.
one of these days i really need to clean my room and stuff… and hang everything up… and sell stuff i don’t need…

I can’t wait till friday ^_^

oh, and… I talked with an old friend today for the first time in like 6 months or something ^^ yay!


So I ordered a bunch of clothing online, and yesterday some stuff came… I got two different sizes of this one cyber/asian styled dress and this one top with an asymetrical panel at the midriff… the dress looks great, and i love it dearly (thank you TPHS ^^) but the top accentuates my ribs and makes em look like they stick out, even though it makes me look really thin… so i’m returning it, and exchanging for some other stuff. I really like my current wardrobe ^^ I cannot wait till the shirts from buz come ^_^.

Talked with satsuki today ^_^ We’ve got plans to get together, her, brand, me, and possibly gd and more hopefully and have alot of fun! Like, go to san francisco, shop, whatevers, and have a nice night at my place that i can’t possibly talk about here ^^
I cannot wait.

Umm… the most favorite drink of mine right now is a cranberry sprite or 7up… you take a glass and fill it with 2/5ths or 2/6ths cranberry juice, and the remaining 3/5ths or 4/6ths are sprite…. its totally awesome.

I had a love shake at burger king today… yes, a shake of love.

oh, if anyone knows how to fool around and get cute looking mood pictures, please lemme know ^^